Telecommunications Academy

Become an expert on telecommunications services
LoVo has many years of experience in the telecommunications industry, providing services for operators, resellers and business customers. Our company also specializes in implementing comprehensive ICT solutions and new technologies based on telecommunications infrastructure. Sharing the gathered knowledge, experience and developed know-how allows us to meet the growing expectations of our customers and Business Partners.

The wide thematic scope of the training allows participation of both beginners and persons advanced in the telecommunications industry, including:

  • Employees and managers of technical, IT and investment departments.
  • Traders who want to increase their sales skills and increase the efficiency of their operations.
  • Representatives of local self-government units and public administration.
  • Persons responsible for the construction and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure.

The implementation trainings are conducted individually and at the customer’s request. They can be held both at the LoVo headquarters and at the customer’s, in small and large groups. If your company needs substantive support and would like to use our knowledge for development purposes of its employees and/or the enterprise, complete the form below.