Telephony for business

Solutions for companies and institutions
Traditional fixed-line telephony is definitely not a flexible service, as its capabilities are very limited technologically. Modern telephony for business, however, must be a highly flexible service, because the phone is the main tool of work and it cannot happen that it fails. LoVo adjusting themselves to the individual needs of a given company or institution has changed the approach to traditional fixed-line telephony by offering a modern business telephony – VoIP, which has advanced telecommunications functionalities.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that makes it possible to make phone calls via an Internet connection or a network using the IP protocol, i.e. Internet telephony, or VoIP telephony.

Advanced additional functionalities

The LoVo network currently supports over 800,000 subscriber numbers. The LoVo offer for companies and public institutions, apart from the standard execution and reception of telephone calls, can be distinguished by a number of additional services, such as on-line billing, call recording, virtual fax, IVR, groups or forwarding. In addition, we recommend the solution of Virtual Private Branch Exchange VPBX (LoVoX) managed on-line, which in combination with VoIP technology will reduce the cost of business calls by up to half. For informed users, we suggest SIP Account or SIP Trunk solutions.

LoVo guarantees business telephony services at the highest level. The solutions that are most popular are: