Analytical ICT system

How and where to promote to get a valuable customer? The use of ICT solutions in the analysis of the effectiveness of advertisements, announcements and media is a precursory activity. Thanks to a specialized application, planning and managing virtual numbering and building a network of virtual numbers becomes easy. Automating the planning of thousands of virtual numbers means that the analytics of the media, messages and employees can be implemented day by day.

Advertisers issuing advertisements and buying ads on the Internet and various other sources, have no possibility of verifying their effectiveness. This is because the possibilities available on the internet market to examine the effectiveness of advertisements do not give 100% reflection of the actual contact effectiveness of a given source. Clicks and pageviews are important data but inform only about popularity, not the number of CTA (call to action) reactions in the form of, for example, making a phone call to a phone number assigned to an advertisement. Thanks to ePASO, analytical reality is changing.

ePASO (Electronic Platform for Analyses of Advertisement Services) is a modern ICT system that analyses the number of telephone calls and shows where a potential customer is calling from.

How does ePASO work?

ePASO is the first ICT system in the world that analyses the number of telephone calls and shows where a potential customer is calling from. For the first time, telephone calls are used to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of advertisements in the mass and general dimensions.

Each advertisement has its own unique phone number, which forwards the connection from the interested Customer to the target number, whether it is mobile or landline, and you can check in the service panel which ad has had the most calls. Thanks to this, the company knows which advertising site or which advertisement was effective and brought the most telephone calls, i.e. potential customers. At the same time, this knowledge will help to optimize the company’s advertising expenses by eliminating ineffective marketing channels.

Marketing messages are placed in various sources:

  • Internet.
  • Press.
  • Radio.
  • TV.
  • OOH (out off home), outdoor.
  • Prints and leaflets.
  • Marketing Automation.
  • Others


Benefits of implementing ePASO

By measuring the number of telephone contacts you can:

  • Optimize:
    • Costs, or the marketing and advertising budget (allocate financial means to the most effective media).
    • Advertisements descriptions, goods pricing, ad quality.
    • Organization of the work of sales, contact centres, marketing and advertising departments.
  • Automate:
    • Decision-making processes.
    • Analytical processes.
  • Measure:
    • The quality and efficiency of classifieds websites and other media through the number of telephone calls from customers.
    • The effectiveness of money spent on marketing and classifieds.
  • Control:
    • The number of calls received with an indication of telephone numbers and callers.
    • The number of missed calls with an indication of the employee and the time of the missed call.
    • The quality of customer service by listening to recorded conversations with customers.
    • The quality of sales activities carried out.
    • Efficiency and activity of employees.
  • Build:
    • Databases of customer numbers initiating connections

If you are interested in analysing telephone connections in your marketing or advertising materials, please our website or fill out the form below. Our specialists will prepare for you a preliminary analysis of the implementation without any obligations.

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