Wholesale telecommunications services

For Operators, Integrators and Resellers

Our solutions can be used by companies having their own telecommunications networks (eg. cable or Ethernet networks) as well as companies that do not have such networks. The offer is directed primarily to:

  • Operators, that is:
    • Operators with own telecommunications infrastructure.
    • Television cable networks.
    • Internet Service Providers (ISPs).
    • Guardians of telephone exchanges.
    • Housing cooperatives.
    • Telecommunications equipment suppliers.
    • Companies serving residential, office buildings and shopping centres.
  • Resellers, that is:
    • Virtual Operators without their own infrastructure.
    • Companies planning to introduce fixed telephony services to their own offer.
    • Internet Service Providers and television operators of cable networks who do not have their own telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Integrators.


We provide the following services as part of wholesale operations on the domestic market:

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