Management Board and managerial staff

Our experts
Members of the LoVo SA Management Board are people with rich experience, well-grounded substantive knowledge and extensive, practical knowledge of the telecommunications industry. All Board Members have been cooperating with each other for years, which facilitates effective management of the company on a daily basis.

He is responsible for the inter-operator services sector at LoVo. A graduate of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk. He began his career in the nineties as a specialist in the development of new technologies and telecommunications platforms. He is an expert in matters of inter-operator regulations and situation on the telecommunications market in terms of competitiveness and infrastructure. Member of the Council of the National Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications. Privately, a traveller, passionate about sailing and surfing.

He is responsible for the Business Customers sector at LoVo. A graduate of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. An expert in the field of introducing new telecommunications products, an outstanding manager and sales and marketing specialist. Privately, a sports lover, running and cycling over Europe with his sons.

He is responsible for Research & Development (R&D) at LoVo. He studied at the Polish-Japanese College of Information Technology with the specialization in Software Engineering and Database. An invaluable expert of VoIP technology, NGN type networks and TDM technology solutions in optical networks. A specialist in the field of software for telecommunications platforms. Privately, he is passionate about civil aviation and technological aspects of flight simulators. After hours, a cyclist of a fixed-gear bicycle.

Management is an art that requires many skills. The constant changes that are taking place in our world pose a big challenge for every enterprise. Efforts to make every employee able to use the tools necessary for continuous learning and development become our primary goal. That is why the important goal of our company is the development of the managerial staff in terms of the quality of services offered, substantive excellence and development of business competences. As part of managerial training, cycles of trainings are conducted to prepare professionals for process and team management as well as speeches and expert presentations at conferences and workshops.