LoVo Motion Guard

Monitor your property – without access to the Internet, special connections or cables.

Lovo Motion Guard is a revolutionary solution using its own independent network to communicate traffic of your car, motorcycle, scooter and any other device. The motion tracking sensor is not based on GSM telecommunications networks, therefore there are no requirements for using SIM cards. The sensor does not require any wiring, i.e. connection to an electronic power source. Thanks to this the solution ensures convenience and independence of use and optimizes costs, which are associated with the lack of additional charges for data transmission and electricity.

In accordance with the innovative “Internet of Things” technologies we have developed a mobile application that provides advanced information on the movement and location of the selected device. The application is simple and does not require the user to learn any special instructions for use. The principle of operation is very intuitive:

Benefits of having LoVo Motion Guard wireless locator with motion detector

  • LoVo Motion Guard sends to your telephone number information on the movement and /or displacement of the selected item. Regardless of whether it is a door, a bicycle or a car.
  • You can always check the current location of your monitored item on the map at any place.
  • Modern technology based on LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks) networks does not require a permanent power supply, internet access or GSM cellular network.
  • Easy installation, without cables, drilling holes or other costly and troublesome modifications, puts our solution above existing technology.
  • The simplicity of use allows you to independently run both the sensor and the application. Thanks to this you will avoid unauthorized actions by third parties.
  • You can secure both your movable property and any property – a summer house, warehouse, basement or other place where you rarely go.

If you would like to join our group of satisfied users or need more information about LoVo Motion Guard, please visit our website or fill out the form below. Our IOT specialists will prepare for you a preliminary analysis of implementation without any obligations.

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