Traffic management and control system

A software platform supporting the processes of the trade in voice traffic, routing, rates and price lists.

Elixa is a software solution supporting the processes of telecommunications operators (cable TV, ISP operators, wholesale operators, etc.) related to domestic and international voice traffic trading.. The service was designed to meet the growing expectations of operators, facilitating the management of global traffic exchange by automating international interconnect tariffs as well as preparing and handling of individual offers.

How does Elixa work?

Many years of experience allows us to create modern solutions that are effectively implemented by telecommunications operators. Elixa has a number of innovative functionalities that follow the current needs of the telecommunications market:

  • Automatic import of price lists according to the template set by the Customer.
  • Updating and managing price lists.
  • Watching business rules.
  • Directing calls at the best or individual price rate.
  • Generating error reports, traffic for the previous day and others.
  • Automatic notifications on rate change .
  • Contracting traffic exchange (SWAP) with the recipient.
  • Search engine of current price promotions.
  • Blocking specific destinations.
  • Currency calculator
  • Others


Advantages over classic solutions

Automatic transmission of tariffs is one of the most beneficial elements in terms of shortening business analysis and eliminating bid errors from wholesale telecommunications operators. The Elix system is also distinguished by such features as:

  • Low maintenance price.
  • Intuitive and easy architecture of the solution.
  • Access anytime and from anywhere in the world.
  • Cooperation with each descriptive template of the numbering plan.
  • Technical assistance.


Benefits for Partners

ELIXA is a system that allows you to monitor your business by generating timely and accurate information about traffic, its quality and price. Daily changes of international tariffs require immediate reactions, because the time of information processing is crucial in the context of the constantly changing telecommunications market.

The Elixa system guarantees the following benefits:

  • Business and trade:
    • Optimization and cost control,
    • Innovative know-how,
    • Business data management,
    • Ongoing monitoring of network quality and traffic level,
    • Selection of the best suppliers,
    • Quick design of the commercial offer,
  • Administrative:
    • Automation of processes,
    • Various statistics,
    • Security control,
    • Integration with the network,
    • Data collection and processing.

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