Traffic billing based on the A number (EEA / non EEA)

For Retail and Wholesale Operators
LoVo has its own IT infrastructure, which consists of a billing system and CDR. For EEA and non EEA settlements billing is carried out on the basis of A and B numbers. The geolocation of the A number and B number determines the qualification of the routing, and thus the settlement of the telephone connection.

It’s billing of telecommunications traffic depending on the origination of the A-number (the calling party) belonging to either EEA or non-EEA area.

How does traffic billing based on A number (EEA / non EEA) work?

Telecommunications operators (including LoVo) charge rates for calls coming from the EEA territory based on the origin of the A number. This is the caller’s phone number presented in the international format E.164, given in the headline “SIP Invite header”.

 Benefits for Partners

Benefits for international partners cooperating with LoVo in using traffic billing based on the A number (EEA / non EEA):

  • Business credibility.
  • Correctness of billing in scope of distinguishing the source of telecommunication traffic.
  • Lowering connection costs in the EEA area.

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