Making and receiving telephone calls

LoVo Phone
LoVo Phone, i.e. stationary telephony with an additional range of services, is a telephone service that includes outgoing and incoming calls, including domestic and foreign calls.

The service is based on the HIPERUS C5 telecommunications system (virtual exchange), where the transport medium is is the Internet public network. The user can use the service using several types of end terminals:

  • IP phone.
  • A traditional landline phone connected to the so-called VoIP gateways.
  • “Softphone”, an application installed on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

In the first and second case, the method of using the service is practically no different from the use of a typical fixed-line telephony, with the difference that the LoVo Phone service allows for a wider range of value-added services, apart from making telephone calls.

Service scheme

The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is used for voice transmission between the subscriber’s terminal (or the VoIP gateway when using a traditional telephone) and the HIPERUS platform. The HIPERUS platform is connected to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) using traditional voice connections based on channel switching.

The HIPERUS platform converts signaling protocols and speech coding from the VoIP protocol to the format used in telephone networks.

The modular structure of the HIPERUS platform ensures the reliability of the service even in the event of a possible failure of the system component. Thanks to the failover mechanism, the system will automatically switch to a spare (redundant) module. In practice, this gives the customer a guarantee of reliability, uninterrupted work and the use of telecommunications services.

Servers included in the platform are prepared for uninterrupted long-term work. In order to securely store information, all database servers are equipped with disk arrays that increase the reliability of work.

LoVo Phone functionalities

  • HD Voice (High Definition Voice) – HD Voice technology, also known as broadband sound, is the sound transmission standard used in IP telephony, which allows you to send a double broader sound range through VolP connections, compared to traditional telephones. Thanks to this, the comfort of a conversation over the phone is comparable to a live conversation – you can have the impression that the caller is at your fingertips.
  • Numbering – the Customer receives from LoVo telephone numbering from the appropriate numbering zone, as part of the service. The customer may also use previously owned telephone numbers that will be transferred to the LoVo network.

The customer can avail oneself of additional functionalities of the HIPERUS platform.

The benefits of having the LoVo Phone

The LoVo Group companies have been influencing the formation of the telecommunications market in Poland and around the world for years. We are constantly working on new solutions, which are very popular with our business partners. Thanks to the high quality and innovation of the services provided, many companies and public institutions have trusted us, and their group is still growing.

The most important values ​​and features that distinguish our fixed telephony among other companies are such important factors as:

  • Price flexibility – subscription and calls.
  • Phone calls in HD Voice quality.
  • Simple and fast process of transferring numbers.
  • Short time of service launching.
  • Permanent monitoring (24/7/365) of services.
  • A wide range of additional services.
  • Individual selection of services according to customer needs.
  • Immediate reaction in case of failure.

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