Service and billing platform in the cloud

Hiperus C5
Service and Billing Platform in the HIPERUS C5 Cloud is a complete and ready to provide the highest quality telecommunications services solution built on the basis of the latest technologies: NGN (Next Generation Networks), HD Voice (High Definition Voice) and QoS (Quality of Service).

HIPERUS C5 is a solution that enables the provision of modern services based on packet technologies in both mobile and fixed telecommunications networks.

The HIPERUS platform implements, among others the following services:

  • Support for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Billing and invoicing.
  • Anti Fraud System (AFS).
  • On-line billing.
  • Call forwarding.
  • Voicemail: Voice2Email / Voice2Web.
  • Fax services: Fax2Email / Fax2Web / Web2Fax.
  • CLIP/CLIR number presentation service.
  • Connections in HD quality.
  • Support for DISA announcements.
  • Internal numbering and virtual PBX.
  • System operation monitoring.
  • Recording calls for both outgoing and incoming calls.

The modular structure of the HIPERUS C5 platform ensures the reliability of the service even in the event of a possible failure of the system component. Failures are detected by the monitoring system. Thanks to the failover mechanism, the system will automatically switch to a spare (redundant) module. In practice, this gives the customer a guarantee of reliability, uninterrupted work and the use of telecommunications services.

The system continuously monitors the server load. If the server is overloaded, it is possible to automatically or manually reduce the number of connections supported by the server that is too busy.

Servers included in the platform are prepared for uninterrupted long-term work. In order to securely store information, all database servers are equipped with disk arrays that increase the reliability of work.

Benefits for partners

Advantages of the Hiperus C5 service provided by LoVo on the market:

  • Launching the provision of telecommunications services without infrastructure investments. Lack of investment barriers.
  • Attractive prices of connections and services – LoVo network services mean the competitive price of telephone calls and value-added services.
  • The possibility of introducing a competitive service to the market for the end customer:
    • Low price for subscription and calls – LoVo network services mean a competitive price for monthly subscription and telephone calls to the end customer.
    • HD Voice quality – it’s the comfort of a 21st century phone call! The LoVo network uses modern algorithms based on HD Voice standards, thanks to which the voice transmitted by the network is difficult to distinguish from direct conversation.
    • Additional services – a wide range of additional services (including call forwarding, voice mail, voice announcement, virtual fax and virtual PABX) will facilitate communication between customers and the company, and simplify contact between employees. It is a tool for the reseller to more effectively acquire business customers and increase profits through the extra sale of additional services.
    • Preservation of current phone numbers – thanks to Lovo services related to numbering, i.e. lending, portability and broadcasting subscriber numbers (including non-geographic), the Lovo reseller can offer its end customers the option of keeping the current telephone number with continuity of service.
    • Unlimited geographic coverage – the reseller can provide services to all entities with the Internet access service. The telephone service will be delivered to the end customer using the existing link without having to install additional infrastructure.
    • Security Package – is a service that includes customer limits and IP access limitation.
    • Signalling – a service that analyses active sessions and signalling files.
    • 24-hour service monitoring – the service is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by dedicated engineers from the LoVo’s Network Operations Center (NOC).
    • Reporting – periodical reports and summary statistics of individual customers.

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