Virtual exchange with voice service

Managing telecommunications solutions in the companies or institutions with the large geographic dispersion and number of branches requires simplicity, reliability and low costs. The independence from cables, underground, inside-built, internal telecommunications infrastructure gives comfort in telecommunications management and fuller than ever control of telephone costs. Flexibility in the selection of the most appropriate subscriptions and call costs shall optimize the existing telephone costs.

LoVoS is a modern communication without cables – synergy of two PSTN and GSM technologies in one solution. It is a landline phone connected to the most modern exchange in the online managed cloud. This is the only solution for Business that helps to manage incoming and outgoing calls effectively without using a cable infrastructure.

The diagram below shows the layout of the telecommunications system in various centers distributed throughout Poland. The management centre of the telecommunications system of the locations of all units may be in one place (for example as in the diagram below – in Warsaw). At the same time, the network administrator, thanks to the online availability, can log in to the exchange in any other place and manage it without any obstacles. Such a solution is an extraordinary convenience and saves time and expenses.

How does LoVoS work?

LoVoS allows mobile managing of the exchange on any computer hardware using an application that is equipped with a friendly visualization and a number of functionalities.

Virtual exchange functionalities with a voice service

  • Call recording – function for recording incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Welcome on the line (DISA) – voice announcement service.
  • Online Billing – a detailed list of calls, including a list of missed calls.
  • Presentation of the initiating subscriber number (CLIP)..
  • Call forwarding.
  • Short internal numbering.
  • Exchange Map – graphical structure of the exchange.
  • Distributed exchange function – provides communication between distributed structures
  • Music on Hold.
  • Call Waiting (CW).
  • Call Hold (CH).


The benefits of having the virtual exchange with the voice service

The LoVo Group companies have been influencing the formation of the telecommunications market in Poland and around the world for years. We are constantly working on new solutions, which are very popular with our business partners. Thanks to the high quality and innovation of the services provided, many companies and public institutions have trusted us, and their group is still growing.

The most important values and features distinguishing the virtual exchange with the voice service are such important factors as:

  • Access to the virtual exchange in the cloud.
  • Security – continuity of telecommunications services.
  • Unbeatable rates for calls and subscription fees – subscription from just PLN 14.
  • Savings on the purchase and operation of the telephone exchange.
  • Infrastructure independence, no cables and network problems.
  • Implementation up to 24 hours – maximum time of service implementation.
  • Immediate change of location along with the transfer of landline telephony.
  • Coverage throughout Poland regardless of technical conditions of telecommunications operators.
  • Number transfer and/or selection of new numbering.
  • Managing the telecommunications system from one place.

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