Corporate governance

Code of ethics
The LoVo Group is an operator that provides telecommunications services for Business Customers, Operators and Individual Customers.

In the event that we can not provide all the components of our services ourselves, we take responsibility for the services provided by our Partners. We make sure that all issues related to the services provided through our intermediary by our Partners are as professional as our services.

We are very interested in providing services with the highest quality. We work only with reliable partners who, like us, care about the highest quality of service. We strive to provide services that will satisfy the needs of our customers. We comply with all applicable laws, recommendations and regulations issued by UKE and UOKiK.

We work in accordance with the guidelines of the British Advertising Code, Trade Promotion and Direct Marketing, which can be found at

After ordering our service, we send a standard Agreement and Regulations with a request to sign.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Customer Service Department at
  • If necessary, we will ask for sharing and sending data and financial documents.
  • We want to provide services as soon as possible after signing the Agreement, of course under the condition that all equipment is available and installed.
  • If it is necessary to conduct an on-site verification, we will contact you in order to establish a fast and convenient time.

If any problems arise during our cooperation, please report them to the Customer Service Office at We will analyse and repair the problem as soon as possible. We will contact you at the next working day.

Our price lists are available at the Customer Service Office at In the case of the change of prices for services, we will contact you in writing.

  • We make standard settlements in monthly periods, unless we agree otherwise.
  • Unless agreed otherwise, payment for our services will be collected traditionally on the basis of a VAT invoice issued.
  • If you want to change the payment method, please contact the Customer Service Office.
  • We provide a billing report of all calls via a website or e-mail at no additional cost. If you have a problem with paying for our services, please contact us at 22 255 30 30. We will try to work out a different payment method.

If you change the address of the service, please contact us at no later than 30 days before the change in question.

We understand that maintaining the existing numbering is important for the customer, therefore we recommend retaining the telephone number in the new location. More information at the Customer Service Office at

We take all customer complaints very seriously, and our goal is to solve them as quickly as possible. In case of any comments regarding the services provided, please report them to the Customer Service Office at We will do our best to solve the problem, at the same time informing about the progress of work.

We take all issues regarding telecommunications abuses very seriously. To this end, we cooperate closely with the Police and other telecommunications operators If you notice any abuse, please report the incident to the Customer Service Office at


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