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LoVo Net
LoVo provides its business customers with high quality, guaranteed and stable access to the Internet. Thanks to advanced technologies, we have the ability to select the bandwidth to the individual needs of a given Customer.

High quality of the LoVo Net network ensures the highest quality of transmission within the network and a guarantee of high quality of transmission with the global Internet network. In order to optimally provide companies with access to the global network, the LoVo network is connected to the largest Internet networks owned by domestic operators and has a direct connection with international operators with a global reach.

Thanks to the radio and fiber optic technology used, we can choose the bandwidth for your office according to your needs  The company receives a symmetrical link with a guarantee of transmission parameters, thanks to which access to the Internet will be functioning without interruption throughout the service period.

LoVo Net is a symmetric service, which means that the speed of downloading and sending data is the same. The LoVo Net bandwidth is guaranteed over the entire length of the access link, i.e. between the operator device and the edge router of the internet network. This means that the user has at their disposal the purchased bandwidth available throughout the entire service period, regardless of how other users of the internet access service use their services.

The LoVo Net service bandwidth:

Download speed | Upload speed

  • from 10 Mbit/s | 10 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s | 1 Gbit/s

The operator provides the Customer with an Internet access link in accordance with the set parameters (bandwidth, interface type, availability, etc.). The service is available via the interface (port) in the operator’s device.


Benefits for business

The LoVo Group companies have been influencing the formation of the telecommunications market in Poland and around the world for years. We are constantly working on new solutions, which are very popular with our business partners. Thanks to the high quality and innovation of the services provided, many companies have trusted us, including from such sectors as: call center, media houses, public opinion polls, stores (small, medium, as well as large national and international networks) and public institutions.

The most important values and features distinguishing the LoVo Internet access service are such important factors as:

  • The bandwidth symmetry – the speed of transmission from the network to the user and from the user towards the network is the same.
  • Guaranteed bandwidth throughout the entire section from the Customer’s device (CPE) to the operator’s edge routers.
  • High quality of the LoVo backbone network ensuring the highest quality of transmission within the network and the guarantee of high quality transmission with the global Internet network.
  • High availability of the radio link is 99.95% per annum, which means that there is a possibility of a lack of communication for just over 4 hours throughout the whole year.
  • Short installation time – radio links can be installed in just a few weeks from signing the contract to starting the service. Preparing the infrastructure and setting up and configuring the devices is only a few days.
  • Fixed IP addressing – 4 or 8 address IP address class. In exceptional cases, it is possible to allocate a larger address pool.
  • The possibility of exchanging IP traffic based on the BGP protocol: for Customers with an AS (Autonomous System) number, it is possible to set up a BGP session with the LoVo network.
  • Permanent monitoring (24/7/365) of the network.

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