Localization and Information Platform with a Central Database
PLI CBD, or the Localization and Information Platform with the Central Database, aims to improve the functioning of the location information system of the subscriber calling by 112 and improve the processes related to number portability when changing the service provider in fixed and mobile networks.

PLI CBD is a system that performs signalling communication between telecommunications operators and the Location and Information Platform with the Central Database, managed by the UKE regulator. The PLI CBD platform provides information exchange between existing telecommunications operators in Poland. The location data stored in the PLI CBD enable a quick geographical location of the device and the number from which the emergency call was made. Geolocation shortens the response time of the relevant services affected by the specific event and the call by 112.

The second procedure implemented using the PLI CBD platform is to enable and automate the process of transferring the subscriber number between operators. Process automation is carried out in accordance with the requirements imposed by the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE). By the decision of the President of UKE, each telecommunications operator is obliged to connect its teleinformation system to the nationwide PLI CBD platform managed by the Office. Communication with the PLI CBD UKE system can be implemented through its own ICT solution or using the infrastructure of another operator (eg LoVo). Process automation and porting of NP numbers monitored by the Regulator have an impact on the efficiency and quality of the service provided.

The third element related to the PLI CBD platform is the organization of information on the geolocation of the numbering and the affiliation of the number to a specific operator.

The service consists in joining the Partner to the PLI CBD (referred to in Article 78 paragraph 4 of the Telecommunications Law), which makes it possible to perform the obligations set out in the above Law, i.e. to provide information on the network termination address, subscriber’s number and subscriber’s identification data to identify the location from which the call was made to the 112 emergency number. As part of the service, LoVo sets up and maintains an encrypted connection to the PLI CBD in accordance with the requirements set out in the Telecommunications Law and implements the certificates received in the process of service provision.

Benefits of having a CBD PLI solution

If you want to avoid additional costs, problems, stress due to the obligation to connect to the PLI CBD UKE platform and implement an electronic NP service routine, the LoVo Telecommunications Group will handle all your obligations as an operator towards the UKE regulator. Additionally:

  • Your IT specialist will not have to design a special, cost-effective interface to work with PLI CBD! LoVo will solve this problem for you!
  • You will not need a platform for electronic NP management! LoVo will follow this procedure for you!

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