Lending and broadcasting national numbering

For Retail and Wholesale Operators
Broadcasting (distribution) of subscriber and routing numbering is an indispensable procedure for termination of calls in the operator’s network. Numbering is being broadcast in Poland. Operator, which has been allocated a numbering range by the the Regulator in Poland (UKE), in order to be able to provide telecommunications services on their assigned numbering ranges, must broadcast them. LoVo will implement the allocated numbering range in their network and inform other Operators where to route the incoming calls. The number renting is a service where LoVo allocates numbers to the Operator from their own resources.

Broadcasting (distribution) of numbering, in other words, means informing operators in the domestic market that subscriber numbering assigned to a specific routing number must be terminated at the operator assigned to the routing number. Incoming calls from other operators will be routed through the LoVo network contact points to the operator’s target numbers.

Użyczenie numeracji abonenckiej polega na przydzieleniu operatorowi numeracji z zasobów LoVo. Nasza firma posiada własne zakresy numeracji geograficznej we wszystkich 49 strefach numeracyjnych, numeracji niegeograficznej (+48 39) oraz numeracji inteligentnej (+48 80x).

Benefits for Partners

LoVo as an operator for operators has signed interconnect agreements with over 800 domestic and international operators which means that we are among the largest operators in the area of ​​broadcasting (distribution) of subscriber and routing numbering.

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