Digitization of Public Institutions

Solutions for Communal and District Authority Offices

Digitization of Communal and District Authority Offices is a crucial project aimed at modernizing telecommunications systems in public institutions – Communal and District Authority Offices all over Poland!

Modern telecommunications solutions

Thanks to our project, “Digital Communes” and “Digital Districts” are created in Poland that have a telecommunications system and equipment to match the needs of modern Europe. Digital Commune and Digital District is a series of modern telecommunications solutions, such as:

  • Cheap and simple virtual telephone exchange.
  • Top quality HD Voice calls.
  • Digital links.
  • Teleconferences and videoconferences.
  • Modern telephone equipment (IP terminals).Access to fast internet.
  • Fast Internet access
  • E-fax, which means sending faxes using an e-mail box.
  • Professional customer service.
  • Permanent Customer Carer.
  • Keeping current phone numbers.
  • Many other solutions available in the new, already Digital Commune and Digital District!

Thanks to the digitization of classic fixed telephony through the full application of VoIP technology, all telecommunications services will be based on the SIP Phone solution. The fully configured IP telephones adapted to provide high-class services, together with telecommunications services, will be delivered to the communes and districts. This solution allows opting out of the classic telephone exchange and the costs associated with its maintenance and service. The entire functionality of the current exchange will be replaced and modernized thanks to the SIP Phone service managed via the virtual LoVoX exchange. The service provided in this way allows combining the reliability of proven traditional traditional fixed-line telephony with the latest telecommunications solutions. All currently used numbers will be served by the LoVoX platform, which allows a smooth transition with existing services from the current Operator to LoVo.

  • Agencja Rezerw Materiałowych
  • Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź
  • Central Institute for Labor Protection CIOP Łódź
  • Central Institute for Labor Protection CIOP Warszawa
  • Center for Coordination of Environmental Projects
  • IERiGŻ Institute of Agricultural Economics and Food Economy
  • Institute of Archeology and Ethnology
  • IPN Warszawa
  • The city of Nowy Sącz
  • Palace of Culture and Science
  • State Veterinary Institute PIWET Puławy
  • State Veterinary Institute PIWET Zduńska Wola
  • Poradnia Psycholo-Pedago in Trzebnica
  • Cracow’s District
  • Powiatowy Ośrodek Doradztwa Metodyczno-Programowego PODMP in Trzebnica
  • Public prosecutor’s office in Rzeszów
  • PUP Starogard Gdański
  • Samodzielny Zespół Publicznych Zakładów Lecznictwa Otwartego SZPZLO Praga
  • District Authority Office of Drawsko Pomorskie
  • District Authority Office of Nowy Tomyśl
  • District Authority Office of Oświęcim
  • District Authority Office of Trzebnica
  • National Theatre
  • Telestrada (Business)
  • Communal Office of Będków
  • Communal Office of Czarnocin
  • Communal Office of Moszczenica
  • Communal Office of Ujazd
  • Municipal Office of Łowicz
  • Municipal Office of Nowy Targ
  • Municipal Office of Pruszków
  • Statistical Office – Krosno
  • Statistical Office – Przemyśl
  • Statistical Office – Rzeszów
  • Statistical Office – Tarnobrzeg
  • Wojewódzki Zespół Lecznictwa Psychiatrycznego WZLP Olsztyn
  • Zakład Gospodarowania Nieruchomości ZGN

Solutions for public institutions

LoVo has prepared the following options fully adapted to provide high quality services under the project Digital Commune and District:

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