LoRaWAN energy-efficient and long-range network

Learn about the benefits of a long haul network, technology ideal for smart devices or IoT networks.

Long Range wide-area networks, or LoRaWAN is an innovative communication protocol created for IoT devices, applications and solutions. It is a versatile long-haul network that has been optimized for the lowest possible energy consumption. This means it is ideal for cordless battery-powered end devices that are part of the IoT network. Ideally suited for sensor applications, protection systems, measurement systems, industrial control and intelligent homes and cities.


Use the knowledge and experience of experts

Our IoT specialists are able to adapt and find for you examples of IoT implementations adequate to your industry, so that as part of possible cooperation, we can offer you a model of implementation guaranteeing success. Thanks to cooperation with LoVo you gain the opportunity to accelerate the implementation of IoT and adoption of this technology in your company.


Support from initiation to implementation

LoVo provides full support in the implementation of the LoRaWAN network and related IoT technologies from strategy to its implementation:

  • We will develop the assumptions of the operation of the IoT device.
  • We will prepare a research project as part of the development of the device design.
  • We will find the manufacturer and prepare the assumptions for the production of the sensor you expect.
  • We will supervise the production of sensors.
  • An expert in the field of modern IOT solutions.
  • We will conduct a testing process.
  • We will create the infrastructure necessary to implement.
  • We will deal with the implementation and maintenance of the project.
  • We will perform the analysis of the technology’s operation and we will recommend conclusions.

If you are interested in conducting a preliminary analysis of the implementation of the LoRaWAN network and accompanying IoT technologies in your company, please visit our website or fill out the form below. Our IOT specialists will prepare for you a preliminary analysis of implementation without any obligations.