Air quality monitoring system

Check the air quality in your surroundings

The air quality monitoring system is a modern solution based on the network of LoVo IoT Base Stations. Our system is the idea of ​​Smart City, i.e. “Intelligent City”, where the concept is defined, according to which cities use advanced technologies to improve the quality of life and functioning in each area. According to this assumption, residents are to live better and more comfortably, and at the same time the operating costs of the entire urban organism are to be as low as possible. The air quality monitoring system is a solution that is able to measure the level of air pollution and smog outside as well as indoor dust. The sensor used in the system is very sensitive, waterproof and resistant to weather conditions, such as rain, snow, low and high temperatures Thanks to the synergy of technology, it is possible to read many parameters of air quality in a specific location in real time.

Moving with the times, LoVo has developed a modern solution that provides advanced information on air quality in the selected location. The application „Air Quality” has been prepared for phones with Android, iOS and Windows. It allows quick and easy access to information on the state of air quality in places equipped with sensors. The system for monitoring air quality. Useful and intuitive functions and facilities will allow you to easily use the application. Thanks to them, you can consciously make decisions about staying in places where the saturation of harmful substances can be high.


How does the air quality monitoring system work?

The air quality monitoring system is powered by a battery that allows it to function autonomously over a year. Once per hour it measures PM2.5, PM10 and air temperature. The device exits from a deep sleep status, stabilizes the sensors, and then performs partial measurements (each every second) and averages their result. Then, it sends data to the central system over the IoT * network, which data is processed and made available in a dedicated application. When critical readings occur, the System will send a warning message via SMS to the registered users, using the data from the application. The content of the warning can be modified by the Customer for their needs, e.g. “The air quality is bad. Due to exceeding the PM10 and PM2.5 concentrations, sick, elderly people as well as pregnant women and young children should avoid being outdoors “.

*The radio IoT LoVo – LoRaWAN netowrk, not requiring a SIM card or additional charges is used to send data from the sensor to the exchange.

What distinguishes our System from other solutions?

  • The air quality monitoring system is a complete service, not single devices.
  • The application dedicated to the local community (gmina / district/ city / enterprise) can be personalized (appropriately branded), under a dedicated website, with the possibility of displaying sponsors or additional information.
  • The application gives you the opportunity to sign up for SMS alerts – just enter your phone (which is not a personal data).
  • The system is fully autonomous – it does not need internet access (even Wi-Fi networks) or power. It is enough to install it, for example, on a tree in a park and … it works!

If you would like to analyse air pollution in your area or need more information about the Air Quality Monitoring System, please visit website or fill out the form below. Our IOT specialists will prepare for you a preliminary analysis of implementation without any obligations.

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