Virtual private branch exchange VPBX

Until recently, no one has heard about the fact that the telecommunications center may be in the cloud. After all, the telephone exchange serving the telecommunications system in the company is a huge server and tangled cables that are somewhere in the basement of the office building. Well, times are changing.

Companies strive to save time, money and improve the quality of their organization. More and more companies decide to exchange traditional telephone exchanges at their headquarters with an alternative virtual private branch exchanges, the so-called VPBX. The use of the virtual exchange is via the Internet. The customer only has IP phones or VoIP gateways. Servers are located outside the company in special collocation centers. Using the so-called virtual exchanges is above all cheaper, and in addition to the low cost of purchase and maintenance, the virtual exchange gives companies more technical possibilities and convenience and ease of use.

LoVoX is a virtual telephone exchange which includes:

  • Assigning personalized rights to users.
  • Connecting the telephone line of each technology.
  • Access to the exchange for 24 hours from anywhere in the world.
  • Access the customer panel.
  • Environmental protection and energy saving.
  • Modern telecommunications solutions.
  • New functionalities.

LoVoX is a virtual telephone exchange in which there is no:

  • Equipment purchasing costs.
  • Operating costs.
  • Configuration costs.
  • Costs of external services.
  • Costs of disposal.

The standard telephone exchange operates as follows:

centrala telefoniczna PBX

Functioning of the virtual LoVoX exchange:

wirtualna centrala telefoniczna vpbx

The most important functions of the virtual LoVoX exchange

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) – interactive service for the customer calling the company’s phone exchange, who – after listening to voice messages – selects the tone number with which he wants to connect. The exchange with the IVR function allows you to choose, for example, the topic of conversation, the relevant department in the company or the language in which the customer wants to talk. Thanks to the IVR function, the company identifies and segments callers, improves customer service, saves time and reduces costs.
  • Call forwarding – the company can manage calls by forwarding to selected numbers of their employees, thus eliminating missed calls from their customers to a minimum.
  • Groups with Call Center, Hunting Group and Pickup functions – creating groups allows for efficient routing of callers to the appropriate group of employees (eg Sales Department, Accounting Department etc.).
  • Virtual FAX (Fax2Mail) – convenient support of faxes in pdf files via the mailbox or LoVoX administration panel.
  • Exchange Map – the company’s exchange is shown with a transparent so-called exchange map, e.i. A graphical scheme depicting the LoVoX structure.
  • Music on Hold
  • Call Waiting (CW)
  • Call Hold (CH)
  • Call Forwarding Unconditional (CFU), Call Forwarding Busy (CFB), Call Forwarding No Reply (CFNR), Call Transfer (CT),  Do Not Disturb (DnD), Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) and many other.


Advantages of the LoVoX  virtual exchange over the traditional telephone exchange

  • Significantly lower purchase costs.
  • No operating costs.
  • Saving time.
  • More functionality.
  • Modern telecommunications system.

LoVoX virtual telephone exchange gives the Customer even more:

  • Availability of technical consultants.
  • Flexibility – without having to change the Operator.
  • Convenience – ordering already configured telephones is done via the customer panel – option “buy device”.
  • Simple and intuitive management panel.
  • Quick launch of new functionalities.
  • Endless updates.
  • Change numbers to usernames.


Benefits for Partners

Benefits of having the LoVoX  virtual exchange:

  • Savings – LoVoX is a cloud service (SaaS – Software as a Service), not an expensive device. Thanks to the SaaS model. The customer does not have to have his own exchange, which involves high costs of purchase, leasing, maintenance and service.
  • Simple use – the customer does not have to use the services of third parties that support physical exchanges, because thanks to the simple operation of the LoVoX customer panel they can easily manage it with their own resources.
  • Flexibility – the Customer can use the services of any Operator who offers an Internet telephony service.
  • Convenience – thanks to the fact that LoVoX is placed on servers and in the LoVo data processing center, the customer does not deal with technical aspects related to the proper functioning of the exchange. All technical matters remain on the part of LoVo. The only thing you need is an active technical connection.
  • Modern devices – LoVo provides, at the customer’s request, fully configured, high-end IP telephones. Alternatively, the customer can use his own devices.

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