Receiving a fax by e-mail

The ability to send faxes from a computer to physical devices and receive them in an e-mail box or on Hiperus C5 Platform is a convenient solution designed for business. Our virtual fax machine can completely replace the physical device. Your company will be able to communicate with the state administration and contractors without any problem.

How does E-fax work?

The E-fax service enables the use of faxes in the same way as e-mail attachments are sent via e-mail. Thanks to E-fax, there is no need to have fax devices and an analogue line. A standard email program is enough to send a fax.

The user can also receive a special account on the Hiperus Platform, used for sending messages. Thanks to this, the mail program archives all sent documents. Fax forward notifications (delivery reports) are delivered by the Hyperus platform to the e-mail box associated with the fax number.

The Web2Fax (Web to Fax) service allows sending a fax message from a dedicated account on Hiperus C5 Platform to any fax number.

The Fax2Web (Fax to Web) service allows receiving a fax message by means of a dedicated account on Hiperus C5 Platform.

The Email2Fax (Email to Fax) service consists in the possibility of sending faxes from its own e-mail in PDF format to traditional fax devices.

The Fax2Email service (Fax to Email) gives the option of receiving a fax message using own e-mail address.


Sending documents is encrypted and password protected.


The benefits of having the E-fax

  • Dedicated fax number can be operated by any number of users.
  • It is possible to set the schedule of mailing in the calendar (e.g. for night or weekend).
  • Import of contacts from .csv or .txt files and scheduling recurring mailing.
  • Incoming fax documents in the form of PDF files.

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