“Our technology, your business”
LoVo is the strength and experience of companies operating in the telecommunications industry for years. The core business of LoVo is the provision of modern telecommunications services in the field of telephone connections and Internet access. LoVo has many years of experience in the telecommunications industry, providing services to operators, resellers and business customers. Our company is also one of the few telecommunications networks specializing in professional services for the domestic and international wholesale market.

LoVo companies are members of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications (KIGEiT) and the National Chamber of Communications for Ethernet (KIKE).

LoVo companies

It consists of:

  • LoVo Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. (formerly LoVo S.A.)
  • LoVo Sp. z o.o.
  • LoVo Software Sp. z o.o.
  • Futura LoVo Media Group Sp. z o.o.
  • Eoon Sp. z o.o.

LoVo companies are already operating on the telecommunications market for over a dozen years. In October 2012, the companies Telekomunikacja Bliżej S.A., Telekomunikacja Bliżej Sp. z o.o., Media Nowej Generacji and TeleKontakt24 Sp. z o.o. have joined forces in the telecommunications services market. The companies changed their names to LoVo S.A., LoVo Telekomunikacja Bliżej Sp. z o.o., LoVo Sp. z o.o. and LoVo TeleKontakt24 Sp. z o.o., creating the LoVo.

The process of diversification of the network interconnection points with operators by building contacts in several collocations was started along with the development. We currently have several central collocation points in which we have built FPSS with all major domestic and foreign operators, which allows us to maintain high security and quality of services.

The expansion on the wholesale market began in 2006. At that time, we started to connect the first operators providing telecommunications services to their subscribers and we began to provide telecommunications traffic transit services.

In the years 2006-2008 we have built our own physical network contact points with leading operators in Poland, which we can now lease to other smaller operators.

In 2009, LoVo created the innovative Telecommunications Platform HIPERUS – a solution that enables the provision of modern services based on packet technologies in both mobile and fixed telecommunications networks.

Thanks to the capabilities of the HIPERUS Platform, LoVo has begun to provide its services on the reseller market, as well as to Business and Retail Customers.

The LoVo network already serves over 850,000 subscriber numbers and over 600 domestic and international operators who generate over 2.16 billion minutes a year.

In 2009, LoVo companies completed the construction of a network of their own inter-operator contact points in all 49 national numbering zones.

In January 2020 LoVo Telekontakt24 Sp. z o.o. has changed its name to LoVo Sp. z o.o. In March 2020 LoVo S.A. has changed the legal form of business and will operate as a transformed company under the name of LoVo Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

We have also been operating on the convergent services market in recent years. Since we have our own contact points with a leading telecommunications operator, we have started connecting additional End-Customers to our network.

Our values ​​define us. They affect the activities and the way we work with customers and the environment. By writing them, we tried to show only those that our Customers and Business Partners sincerely appreciate. To this end, we have turned to hundreds of people around the world to describe who we are for them and what they appreciate us for. The image that emerged from the answers received was extremely consistent. We have prepared a declaration of our values ​​based on these answers. That is why we are sure that they really reflect the way our representatives behave around the world.

  • Pro-customer culture

We perfectly understand the business of our Customers, which requires modern telecommunications solutions. We provide them in simple and comprehensive offers tailored individually to our Customers. We provide full support through an offer covering a wide range of products and solutions

The specialized staff makes every effort to maintain service at the highest world-class level

  • High quality of services provided

We provide high quality and fast access to domestic and world Internet resources.

We use modern algorithms based on HD Voice standards, thanks to which the voice transmitted through the network is difficult to distinguish from direct conversation.

The LoVo backbone network ensures the highest quality of transmission within the network and guarantees high quality of transmission with the global Internet network.

  • Professionalism, stability and trust

As an experienced telecommunications operator, we are a reliable and stable partner. For many years, we care for the highest standards of services and gain the trust of further customers.

Each LoVo Customer has a dedicated supervisor throughout the period of cooperation with the Operator, and all services are monitored by a 24/7 network management center.

Become a leading modern alternative telecommunications operator, perceived as a leader in innovative telecommunications solutions.

To be a partner and advisor in business for the recipients of our telecommunications services, an attractive employer for employees and a valuable member of the local community.

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