Virtual private branch exchange VPBX

More and more companies decide to exchange traditional telephone exchanges at their headquarters with an alternative virtual private branch exchanges, the so-called VPBX. This is not happening without a reason. Thanks to the solution provided by the technologically advanced virtual exchange, the management of the telecommunications system is faster, more convenient and cheaper.

The Virtual LoVoX exchange is a solution enabling the use of functionalities offered by physical telephone exchanges, with the difference that all functionalities for this type of physical solutions (PABX telephone exchanges installed in a given customer’s location) are implemented on the service operator’s side through VoIP technology and Internet network.

LoVoX can completely replace an existing telephone exchange of any size, and online management ensures a minimum implementation cost and an optimal level of monthly costs.

The virtual exchange provides access to billing records and enables management of SIP terminals and telecommunications devices in the office of the customer, who has access to the configuration of all services and can define other users, internal numbers and city lines, devices, terminals, operators, etc.

The LoVoX exchange has been recognized by the market and received such distinction as: IT LEADER 2014 in the CLOUD COMPUTING category.

How does the virtual private branch exchange (LoVoX) work?

LoVoX has a number of innovative solutions that facilitate the management of the telecommunications system and bring many benefits related to the quality of customer service or saving time and money and employee control:

  • IVR – Interactive Voice Response.
  • Welcome on the line (DISA) – voice announcement service.
  • Call forwarding.
  • Groups with Call Center, Hunting and Pickup functions – efficiently directing calls to the appropriate group of employees.
  • Virtual fax – in pdf files:
    • Fax2Mail – (fax to mail).
  • Exchange Map – a graphical scheme showing the structure.
  • Music on Hold.
  • Call Waiting (CW).
  • Call Hold (CH).
  • Call Forwarding Unconditional (CFU).
  • Call Forwarding Busy (CFB).
  • Call Forwarding No Reply (CFNR),.
  • Call Transfer (CT),
  • Do Not Disturb (DnD)
  • Presentation of the initiating subscriber number (CLIP).

The advantages of the LoVoX  virtual exchange over the traditional telephone exchange

  • Significantly lower purchase costs.
  • No operating costs.
  • Saving time.
  • More functionality.
  • Modern telecommunications system.


The benefits of having the LoVoX  virtual exchange:

The LoVo Group companies have been influencing the formation of the telecommunications market in Poland and around the world for years. We are constantly working on new solutions, which are very popular with our business partners. Thanks to the high quality and innovation of the services provided, many companies and public institutions have trusted us, and their group is still growing.

Using a virtual exchange in the cloud is now definitely cheaper than maintaining a traditional office type exchage. In addition to low costs of use, the VPBX exchange also provides companies with more functionalities and comfortable management, among others, thanks to the modern administration panel, which is very simple and intuitive to use.

The most important values and features distinguishing the VPBX LoVoX  virtual exchange are such important factors as:

  • Savings – LoVoX is a cloud service (SaaS – Software as a Service), not an expensive device. Thanks to the SaaS model. The customer does not have to have his own exchange, which involves high costs of purchase, leasing, maintenance and service.
  • Simple use – the Customer does not have to use the services of third parties that support physical exchanges, because thanks to the simple operation of the LoVoX customer panel they can easily manage it with their own resources.
  • Flexibility – the Customer can use the services of any Operator who offers an Internet telephony service.
  • Convenience – thanks to the fact that LoVoX is placed on servers and in the LoVo data processing center, the Customer does not deal with technical aspects related to the proper functioning of the exchange. All technical matters remain on the part of LoVo. The only thing you need is an active technical connection.
  • Modern devices – LoVo provides, at the Customer’s request, fully configured, high-end IP telephones. Alternatively, the customer can use his own devices.