Business Process Management

System for managing business processes
In many companies, certain standard activities and business processes run in a repeatable or similar manner. Thanks to BPM, you can automate both routine processes specific to each company, as well as non-standard tasks specific to the selected company.

BPM means Business Process Management. Usually it is an IT tool (software) that supports the optimization of business processes and enables management of events occurring in organizations.

How does LoVo BPM work?

LoVo BPM is a system that streamlines processes in the company, which provides easy flow of information and supervision over individual activities and participants. Modelling and optimization of business processes are increasing the efficiency of operations, minimizing costs and affecting the time savings of each institution.

The main functionalities of the LoVo BPM system include:

  • Improving the course and implementation of processes.
  • Appropriate management of information flow and supervision over individual activities through the possibility of granting authorisations.
  • Mapping, visualization and analysis of processes.
  • Reflecting the flow of processes in electronic data entry and control forms.
  • Construction and transmission of document flow, consistent with the course of the process.
  • Workflow, that is, designing and supervising the work path.
  • Data control and individual stages of implementation of activities.

Process management in LoVo BPM ultimately facilitates key online processes.


Benefits of implementing LoVo BPM

Business process management is aimed at improving results in the organization by skillful management and optimization of business processes in it.

The most important values ​​and features distinguishing LoVo BPM among other solutions are such important factors as:

  • Saving – short time and low implementation cost.
  • Possibility of using ready-made automatic processes.
  • Creating own customized processes.
  • Automation and optimization of business processes.
  • Strengthening competences and know-how.
  • Minimization of supervision due to strictly assigned authorisations.
  • Mobile access that guarantees fast and smooth transfer of information.
  • Possibility of using the free trial period.

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