Interactive telecommunications seminars
Webinaria są znakomitym uzupełnieniem tradycyjnych szkoleń i warsztatów.Uczestnicy mogą wybrać najdogodniejszy dla siebie czas szkolenia, w którym mogą uczestniczyć także te osoby, które nie mogłyby wziąć udziału w tradycyjnym szkoleniu. Nie wychodząc z domu lub pracy

Take part in periodic webinars conducted by our experts. Thanks to them, navigating in telecommunications as well as on our systems will become quick and easy. Webinars take place in an open form (expert advice for registered Customers and Business Partners) and on request (on the initiative and for the needs of a given company).

  • You can participate from anywhere – all you need is a computer and Internet access.
  • You get practical information in a condensed form.
  • You have constant contact with the teacher – you can ask questions that you immediately get answered via chat. All doubts or incomprehensible issues are explained on a regular basis.
  • You must have a computer with internet access.
  • You enter our webinar room and fill out the application form.
  • You will find a link with access to the webinar in your e-mail box.
  • At the appointed hour you shall click on the link and take part in the training.